Immanuel A. Baldwin


Hey! I am an award-winning storyteller, coffee lover and tech enthusiast and I’ve always had a proclivity to create things for people to experience. I love working with creative teams to achieve high concept and integrated visual stories that push the bar for what is possible. I have a diverse background in filmmaking and marketing and would love to be a part of your team!


Illinois Institute of Art Chicago
Bachelors of Fine Arts 



Producer + Digital Content Creator 

As a digital content creator & producer for the content team, I am responsible for managing and creating content for clients that meets their outlined marketing goals and initiatives. That content creation included social media posts across all current major platforms, short - form videos, blogs, podcasts, digital magazines, email newsletters and emerging technologies. My job collaborated with the creative media, analytics, and social media departments to device ways to achieve client goals using content best practices while showing success through clear reporting and measuring against key performance indicators.


Carroll University 
Video and Multimedia Specialist

In the role of a video and multimedia specialist, I developed relationships with clients to generate visual content per brand guidelines. I was at the forefront of creating unique and innovative original content through photography, video and content strategy.


    Liberium Visions Los Angeles 
    Writer + Director

    As a staff writer and director, I was responsible for managing preproduction and production teams to produce original content as well as optioned screenplays.



  • Team Management 
  • Directing for narrative content
  • Videography
  • Production Managment
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Photography
  • Digital Marketing

References available upon request

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