"Victorious Red" - Award winning screenplay:

On an ominous and cloudy night, rain smacks against the glass above, shadows fill the clean and sterile but very much modern art gallery, there are many pieces that lurk in the shadows, but one set stays neatly illuminated by the moonlight as it shines ever so valiantly through the storm. On the creme colored wall ahead are four paintings levitating.

The trip was long but peaceful for a fourteen-hour car ride with a sobbing mom and an aunt that listens to Ebenezers Women’s Choir over and over. Eventually, I undoubtedly began to bob my head, twiddle my feet, and rock my shoulders from side to side. Maybe by the time we go to Washington we’d be reformed in our belief in Christ and all the sudden figure everything out. I had never been to Aunt Grace’s house. My mom hadn’t been in a few years. I didn’t know what to expect. With the incoming anticipation, I watched as highways became mountainous roads and metal medians to low wooden fences between you and the cliffs below. The weather changed before our eyes and eventually rain pitter pattered soft on the windshield. As the car moved faster the mountains became a dizzying stir of green, I faded into sleep and had an even more vivid dream, this dream was of God, the expanse, and the Garden of Eden to the sounds of the Ebenezer Women’s Choir finishing up “Joy to the World” The car hit a bump in the road, and I stumbled out of sleep just in time to see Mt. Rainer. Towering over the land below. The road winding just below him feeling like we were being swallowed by a living breathing god of the old age. The closer we moved to him, the louder its belly roared. Almost as if it were calling out to me. Maybe warding us off. But nonetheless still such a sight to see.


About The Foundry Tattoo Company:

The Foundry Tattoo Company is a private tattoo studio located in the Walkers Point area of Milwaukee. WI and the name is a reflection of the industrial area that envelopes it. We exist with the intention of being a creative space that continuously pushes the boundaries of conceptual art. Not only do we focus on the intimate process of creating lasting fine art. but we have a firm belief that this art form belongs to people from all walks of life with many different artistic backgrounds and we arehappy to exist for you.


Earth Day:

At Carroll University our ethos is surrounded by the pillars of respect, integrity, and stewardship.

As a commitment to Earth, we have multiple initiatives in place to ensure that we cultivate our natural resources and preserve Earth.

May it be advocating and installing solar panels on Kilgour Hall, participating in ongoing community service, our involvement at Prairie Springs, volunteer opportunities or collaborating with various campus partners to reduce waste during move in and move out, we are committing to make our

Earth better than how we found it.

Morale In The Winter:

Welcome to Carroll University. Our winter wonderland.

Attention Incoming Students:

Attention Future Pioneers! Fall is here, and you’re one step closer to graduation. Make sure you complete the 2022-23 FAFSA form as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition for this incoming fall! To learn more, visit our website today.

Homecoming 2021:

Proud. Passion. Premier.

Homecoming is a great tradition: see your best friends, reconnect with former colleagues, visit Main

Hall, and, of course, leave feeling inspired to continue to do the great work for our community.

Carroll University. First. Forward. Pioneers.

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