About Me

"Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and visceral. I direct & offer artistic producing for brands, stories, and people."


I'm a passionate storyteller, fueled by my love for coffee and a deep enthusiasm for technology. My journey into filmmaking began with a single production job that led to an internship for a Netflix original series, marking a pivotal moment in my career. 

Known as an idea architect among those I collaborate with, I take immense joy in crafting concepts from inception, aiming to provide audiences with experiences that resonate, inspire, and ignite a sense of shared connection.

Over the years, I've worn various hats in production and creative teams, cultivating a diverse skill set. In 2014, I embraced my first full-time filmmaking role, setting the course for my trajectory in the industry. Today, as a content and social media producer at BVK, I leverage my expertise to shape compelling narratives. I firmly believe that every exposure informs our creative process, and I'm dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design in my work, constantly evolving and exploring new horizons. 


Ben Gagon, Account Supervisor - BVK

"I mean, we are in the home stretch on all production right now. Just wanted to take a step back and say you absolutely crushed it. Our client was not an easy client and you jumped in and made an extremely seamless transition. Thank you for your work on this!"

Dom Garrett,  VP of Marketing - Diamond Residential Mortgage Corporation

"My friend and collaborator, Immanuel Baldwin, is an exceptional talent in creative storytelling. His filmmaker and content creator works in Milwaukee, exhibit remarkable creativity and passion. However, he is not just a filmmaker. Immanuel is a storyteller with an exceptional ability to relate to audiences through his captivating narratives. His award wining work attests to his mastery in crafting stories that are not only visually compelling but also rich in content and meaning. This is the kind of thoughtful approach to storytelling that sets him apart."

Tiffany Wynn, VP of Marketing and Communications - Carroll University 

“Immanuel Baldwin as an excellent director, producer and editor. When he was employed as a video and multimedia specialist at Carroll University, I regularly engaged with him on projects that ranged from creating and updating videos, to developing visual stories for our students that helped increase recruitment and retention. Immanuel is personable, easy to work with and a consummate professional. He is thorough in his work and always strives to deliver the best product for the client’s needs. I found my experiences working with him enjoyable and inspiring, as he is always sharing his knowledge and expertise in his field and stretching you to think bigger and better. He is a brilliant and creative mind who goes well beyond any bounds. He is also collaborative and works well with teams. He is definitely the person you want at the table as a creative thought partner who can help you tell your best stories via video.” 

Christopher J. Love, Creative Director 

"I've worked, and still work with Immanuel on a regular basis. His passion and dedication for whatever creative job he takes on, no matter how small, remains unmatched.  He approaches everything with extreme attention to detail, enthusiasm, and the skill and acumen to complete the job thoroughly, and as proficiently as possible. Due to his professionalism and his dedication to his work, I will continue to tackle project and project with Immanuel. He would be an invaluable asset to any team."

Selected Awards

Best Romance Film @ Global Short Film Awards Cannes 2018

"Do The Right Thing" Award @ Clifton Film Celebration 2018

Best Noir Film @ The Pure Magic Film Festival 2020

Best Screenplay @ New York Script Awards 2021

Director + Producer

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