How Many Rewrites Is Enough?

Many people know that I’ve been working on a film entitled “Victorious Red” since 2016. What was supposed to just be a short film for lack of better words has in short taken over a major stage within my filmmaking career. Is this the reason I hadn’t booked more directing gigs? Whose to say! Every great storyteller has their battle, and I wholeheartedly believe that “Victorious Red” is mine. Although others would say that its a hinderance or obssesion. A story that has changed so much, taken on so many forms, won many writing competitions is yep, you guessed it! Headed into another rewrite. 

Having been accepted into the Full Spectrum Features producing lab in Chicago, the time had come for another rewrite. Because the waves it needs to make as a viable project with legs, a severe rewrite looms ahead. A reboot of all three acts, and I have to say I’m one-hundred percent invested in the idea of these changes. I really wish I would have kept hold of all the title pages and versions if I had to take a guess. I’m on draft nine or ten and this outline feels like the outline I’ve been waiting for. After taking an entire year off reading it, hearing it, taking feedback on it. I have come back refreshed with a new sense of direction. 

All I know is deep down this feels very different from previous experiences I’ve had with this producing stage and I have to keep pushing forward. 

"Victorious Red" teaser poster with writing competition laurels.
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